A way to inspire and equip youth to share their faith

Alpha is a 9 week course that creates a space where youth can be excited to bring their friends for a conversation about Jesus

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Since October 2017

The Alpha Youth Series has helped more than 35,000 leaders around the world spark meaningful conversations

What does an Alpha Session look like?



Every session begins with food, whether it’s a three-course meal or a light snack. Eating food together creates space for people to connect, relax and share life on a deeper level.



The Alpha talks are designed to engage people from all walks of life and inspire conversation. They explore the big issues of life and faith and unpack the basics of Christian belief, addressing questions like “Who is Jesus?”, “Why and how do I pray?” and “How does God guide us?”

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The discussion time is an opportunity for people to respond to the talk, hear from others, and contribute their own perspective in an honest, friendly, and open environment.

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The Alpha Youth Series is one of the best resources I have seen in years. It is accessible, clear, fun and deep. I cannot recommend it enough as a wonderful fresh tool with which to reach young people with the Gospel.”

Mike Pilavachi, Founder and Leader of Soul Survivor

Alpha provides a fresh, fast-paced introduction to the Christian faith which can capture a young person’s imagination and set them on the road to finding or discovering faith.

Rachel Gardner, Director of National Work, Youthscape

Alpha is a genius programme that has serious results in bringing spiritual formation to all ages and individuals, from every background.

Joel A’Bell, Revitalize Church

How do I get started?

After you sign up online, we’ll show you how to create a space where people who wouldn’t normally come to church feel comfortable having a discussion about God.

We’ll provide you with tools and training to equip your team to run Alpha and inspire the church to invite their friends.

Then you’ll get access to the Alpha video series and guides that will spark discussion

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Everything you need

To run Alpha is available online and free to download so everyone can play a part in seeing lives transformed.

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