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The Telling Others series is a collection of Alpha guest interview-style stories from around the world. The stories initially focus on the Alpha Online context and feature Nicky Gumbel as the key interviewer, with Isaac Borquaye (Guvna B) as Host.

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Episode 1

A conversation with Nicky Gumbel & Guvna B

In this introductory episode, Guvna B and Nicky Gumbel share a relaxed and practical conversation to frame the heart behind the Telling Others series. They begin with sharing a handful of Nicky’s humourous personal stories, including how he proposed to Pippa and the time he met Queen Elizabeth II. They then unpack the power of telling others your story of encountering Jesus and Nicky describes a helpful model to use when either telling others your story or interviewing an Alpha guest, inspired by Apostle Paul’s own conversion.

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Episode 2

Justin’s Story

On release from jail in October 2019, just prior to the pandemic, Justin had nowhere to call home. While still homeless and only recently beginning his journey of sobriety, he connected with Ron a local Alpha Leader who invited him to try Alpha online. Justin attended using what he describes as a ‘cricket of a phone’ – but despite his means, connected with a loving community and saw amazing breakthroughs, in just 18 months. Watch now to hear Nicky and Justin discuss what life was like before meeting Jesus, his turning point and, the powerful difference Jesus has made.   

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“You can argue with someone’s opinion, but you can’t argue with their story” – Nicky Gumbel