North America

Alpha Canada has run over 2,300 Alphas in various contexts during the course of 2016 and we are praying for another 3,200 courses by the end of the year. We are currently working on having the Alpha Film Series translated into French in the next year and are excited that over 800 churches have used the Alpha Film Series in English so far. We have 11 key cities involved in the Global Alpha Campaign this year. 

Alpha USA are preparing for accelerated growth by focusing on strategic churches, cities and contexts and investing in friendship and partnership. We are praying for 30 000 churches across the country and across denominations to be running Alpha in the next 4 years – helping connect an increasingly secularised America to Jesus. We are excited to see increasing numbers of large, influential churches adopting Alpha at the core of their church life. These churches are able to help 1000s of smaller churches in their sphere of influence to also understand and run Alpha – allowing Alpha to grow from church to church. 

Prayer Points

Churches running Alpha this fall

Churches all across the U.S. are preparing to launch their Alpha courses and invite their communities to explore faith. Please would you pray that each Alpha would demonstrate:

Hospitality. Pray they create a welcoming environment where everyone and anyone is welcome. Where the food smells good, the seats are comfy and the environment is fun and inviting. Pray that every guests feels seen, known and loved.

Listening. Asking a question is greater gift than a statement. When we stop to listen and understand another’s feelings, it says to them, “What you have to say is important.” It is very powerful. Pray all the group hosts would give the gift of questions and listen to each guest as they explore.

Dependency. We always say, “Alpha is perfectly designed to fail, unless God shows up!” Please would you pray that every Alpha would experience a great outpouring of His Holy Spirit. Pray that all the team meetings would be full of prayer. Pray the guests would have radical encounters with Jesus and that we would see an increase in the number who give their lives to Him.

Empowerment. We believe in empowering new leaders. Alpha can keep going when you have new people stepping into roles on Alpha. A previous guest can be a helper or volunteer, a previous helper can be a host, a previous host can help with administration, etc. Pray that new, excited leaders are being empowered on each Alpha this fall. Pray that God would increase their hunger and dependency on Him.

Extending an invitation to explore faith to a friend

One of the biggest fears amongst American Christian Millennials is sharing their faith. But the number one way someone comes to Alpha is through personal invitation. The global Alpha team have produced some amazing new resources to equip the Church to invite friends and family to Alpha. But we need this generation to be willing to invite their friends. Please would you pray:

Against Fear: Pray that God would pour out His perfect love on the American Church, because perfect love casts out fear. Pray that God would increase our desire to share faith with our friends who do not know Him.

Increase in Faith: Pray that God would increase the measure of faith He has given each of us. Pray that we would offer our lives to him in worship to Jesus. And pray that we would trust His Holy Spirit to move in our friends lives through our simple invitation.

Alpha USA Staff

Please would you pray for more power from the Holy Spirit for the Alpha USA staff. We are hungry and we want to see more of the things that are God! Pray that we would steward an outpouring of His Spirit well and bless what the Lord is doing. Thank you for praying. You have made a difference in the Kingdom of God! Amen!