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From churches revitalised across Asia, to lives transformed in prisons,
and young leaders resourced with digital tools to share the gospel;
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Brooke’s Story

Brooke lost her mother at a very young age and was brought up by her single father. There wasn’t much time for church. She started drinking alcohol when she was twelve years old and became addicted to drugs. 

Brooke ended up in prison and was led to do an Alpha course. On Alpha, she found Jesus.

Watch Brooke’s moving story of encountering life and hope in Jesus amidst one of the darkest times of her life.

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The Reason for Now

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore a relationship with Jesus, wherever they are in the world, for free. We have seen, through Alpha, how God is at work today, building his church around the world. Last year alone, over 1.3 million people attended Alpha worldwide, 29% of whom attended Alpha Youth.

Yet, we know that so many people today are disconnected from the church and don’t know what it is to have a personal relationship with Jesus. In the U.S. alone, over one million young people are predicted to leave the church every year for the next three decades. These trends are global; churches around the world are facing the challenge of reaching this generation with the gospel of Jesus.

Now is the time for the church to rise up. We have a part to play in fulfilling the Great Commission that Jesus gave us.

The work Alpha is doing in partnership with the local church has never been more needed. Here is just a snapshot of some of the amazing things we are seeing God do across the world. 

Top Statistics from 2018

Stories from around the world

Crossing borders in Mongolia

In 1989 it is estimated that there were only four Mongolian Christians. Today, there are over 40,000 Christians in hundreds of churches and groups, meeting across the country.

Alpha began in Mongolia in 2017 and, in a little over a year and a half, 55 churches are now running the course. At the first Alpha conference, close to 500 participants from over 100 churches came, representing approximately one fifth of all the all churches in Mongolia. We are witnessing an extraordinary move of the Spirit of God across this country. 

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Reaching the young generation in Brazil

With a population of over 200 million people, Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and accounts for almost one third of the total population of the region. Today, 62% of Brazilians are aged 29 or under and represent the future of this vast country.

In August this year, the new Alpha Youth Series was launched in Brazilian Portuguese, with local content, resourcing churches to reach next generation of young Brazilians. The event was broadcast live across the whole country, giving churches across the nation the chance to participate. This project, which has generated much excitement, was coordinated jointly by the Protestant and Catholic church, which has been a wonderful way to encourage relationship and unity in the church. We hope that over 100 churches will use this new resource to reach over 2,000 young people with the good news of Jesus in 2019.

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Alpha goes digital in Africa

In Africa mobile data is expensive and presents a challenge when downloading Alpha’s free resources. To help churches access the materials, the Alpha team in Africa have created USBs containing the episodes. These USBs link churches to the Alpha Digital Platform where additional resources are available, such as training videos and promotional material (which use less data). 

Additionally, to promote new ways of using the materials, the team have developed splitter devices which enable youth leaders to run Alpha anywhere and in any context. The splitters enable groups to watch the series on a mobile phone together so that Alpha can be run in spaces where there is no access to projectors or large screens. Mobile friendly versions of the episodes can be downloaded on mobile phones. 

Through these initiatives, we pray that many young leaders across Africa will be equipped to share the love of Jesus with their peers.

Join us in prayer

We want to give everyone the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus for free, regardless of their background or where they are in the world. To see this happen, we are completely dependent on the Holy Spirit and we would love for you to join us in prayer.

How can you pray?

Pray for new ways to engage people digitally, helping us to put Alpha’s free resources into the hands of many more church leaders 

Pray for our Alpha teams around the world, that God would equip and strengthen them in their work in the field

Pray for every Alpha starting this term, that thousands of people would encounter the life changing love of Jesus