Who’s Who: The Producer

Jim van Dijk has been a filmmaker for 32 years. He has filmed throughout North America and in more than 50 countries of the world. Jim has worked in the role of cinematographer, director or producer in over 200 documentaries, television specials, commercials and music videos. Documentary making highlights include: being attacked by an angry mob in Calcutta, documenting the fall of the Berlin wall, interrogation at machine gun point in Nigeria, standing in the middle of Wamena warriors firing arrows in Irian Jaya, and helping discover three Mayan temples deep in uncharted Belize jungle. 

Jim has worked as the A camera operator / steadicam operator on more than 35 feature films and 65 television projects. In 2008, Jim established Inspired Cinema in Vancouver, with 25 cameras, lenses and support gear. 

Jim was a Co-Producer on the Alpha Youth Series. He also produced the Alberta 2013 Commercial Campaign for Alpha Canada. 

Jim is the Producer on the Alpha Film Series.